Troupe Directors

Welcome Troupe Directors!


This page is just for troupe directors! Here you will find resources, important links, documents, and tools to make your life easier. If there is something you would like to see here, please let us know!

Grant Opportunities

The California Casualty Music & Arts Grant was established to provide support for K-12 public schools negatively impacted by reduced budgets.

California Casualty has partnered with education associations for nearly 70 years. We understand the importance of music and arts education for children. As a member of one of our partnering education associations, you can apply for a grant award of $250 for a music or art need at your school.

EdTA Troupe Grants
Need-based International Thespian Society troupe grants were created to expand access to ITS honors, recognition and opportunities for theatre students and provide support for their teachers. ITS is an honor society, and a troupe is made up of the students who have earned induction through quality work in the theatre arts. Membership in an honor society instills students with pride and confidence, affirms the value of their work, and inspires them to continue their efforts. Having an international honor society adds to a school's stature and leads to increased awareness and support for its theatre program.

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